squirrel pop kombucha

"Epic Fizz, Flavor, and Love in a Bottle!"

Hand Crafted Beverage
Low in Sugar
Made With Spring Water
Super Fizzy
100% Organic Ingredients
Pure Imagination
Lifted Probiotic Experience
Never Pasteurized

Squirrels live by leaps of faith and they go out on the skinny branches to get what they desire to live their extraordinary lives. They love getting lifted and play full out in everything they do!

SQUIRREL POP exists because we love getting joyfully lifted on delicious fizzy beverages and we stand for integrity in food (and drink)!  Inspired by good-time soda fountains and DIY craft brewers, we've found the secret to creating the best "HEALTHY SODA POP!"

Our kombucha is low in sugar because we use wholesome ingredients that organically infuse SQUIRREL POP with natural fizz and big flavors.  Why artificially carbonate your brew?

So many of us have loved popular fizzy drinks.  We've been shocked and dismayed to discover the impact these beverages and their ingredients can have on our health and well-being.

Here at SQUIRREL POP, we play with teas, herbs, roots, fruits, and spices; never using artificial anything, or "natural" flavors to make our soda POP!

Our innovative kombucha brewing techniques are simply original, a product of pure imagination.

Producing the best craft kombucha at our Seattle, WA brewery is how we get out on the skinny branches for you!

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