Assam Black Tea • Fresh Squeezed Lemon • Fresh Pressed Ginger Juice

Lemon Ginger

"Full bodied zing"

Berry Antioxidant

"Rich and Robust"
Gunpowder Green Tea • Cold Pressed Cranberry Juice • Elderberries • Cold Pressed Black Mulberry Juice


"Smooth and Mellow"
Darjeeling Black Tea • Vanilla Beans • Sasparilla • Brown Sugar

Chai Cider

"Comforting & Exotic"
Red Rooibos Tea • Cinnamon Bark • Allspice Pimento berries • Clove • Star Anise • Cardamom

Saffron Lemonade

"Bright & Tart"
Gunpowder Green tea • Moroccan Saffron Pistils • Fresh Squeezed Lemon

Turmeric Picante

"Sour & Spicy"
Green tea • White tea • Fresh pressed Turmeric Juice • Pinch of Cayenne • Green Peppercorn • Fresh Pressed Carrot Juice

Citrus Twist

Green Tea • White Tea • Cascade Hops • Juniper • Peels of Lemon • Lime • Grapefruit • Fresh Squeezed Lemon

Lavender Grape Soda

"Lightly Sweet"
Gunpowder Green Tea • Concord Grape Juice • Lavender Flowers

Root Beer

"Hand Crafted Big Bite"
Sarsaparilla Root • Sassafras Bark • Vanilla Beans • Evergreens • Star Anise • Cloves • Molasses • Licorice Root • Cinnamon bark
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