about the founder

Squirrel Master Brewer

WHY SQUIRRELS?  I am inspired by squirrels to live courageously in realizing my audacious dreams and to be of service to others. Squirrels boldly leap from the skinniest branches and live to fly again!  Squirrels save nuts for times when today's work will become the future's bounty.  Squirrels are volunteer farmers and grow trees that keep our sweet earth breathing strong for current and upcoming generations.  People can be squirrels too...

Squirrels are stewards of environments, ecosystems, and well-being. They may look like they are only working for themselves.  In actuality, the effects of their squirrely ways and dreams spread far beyond their reach.  The spirit of the squirrel lives strong in those who risk beyond the immediacy of today's concerns and boldly take actions in service of audacious dreams!

My name is Spencer and I am a SQUIRREL.  I love the wild of America's Pacific Northwest and being outside!  My squirrel brethren show me I can pay this love forward by planting seeds and cultivating a future that is fully nurtured for all beings.  Producing the best craft kombucha at our Seattle, WA brewery is my bold act of service for you.

We use simple ingredients to make delicious kombucha brews.

Some of my most vivid memories are of my family’s homegrown fruit – plucking sweet red plums and warm round blueberries from our garden.  Each one bursts with juicy flavors that reverberate along my tongue.  My family infused in me a love for being a serial gardener and DIY-er (do it yourself-er), making and growing my own everything in pursuit of optimal health and well-being!

As a young guy, my parents encouraged me to smell, touch, and taste everything in our garden and pantry.  I've tried to recreate my favorite soda pop drinks from what we have at home.  Some attempts have gone better than others!  Squirrel Pop Kombucha is the culmination of my childhood dreams and experiments in creating homemade soda pop.  Squirrel Pop is all for you!

I drank my first kombucha in the spring of 2012.  Within a few weeks, my friend gifted me his DIY culture and I began brewing at home.  My kombucha brew wasn't fizzy at first and was more of a cringe-inducing vinegar shot than a refreshing treat.  But I liked its effects on my well-being and believed I could make it better.  I kept on brewing.

For decades, I've been dreaming of a healthy soda pop that infuses my body with strength and vitality rather than corroding it with sugar. You might not believe me; even I used to think this was too good to be true!  But one day my dream returned to me in a flash of inspiration.  I said aloud, "I can make this real!"  With newfound drive, I began innovating beyond what I'd picked up from other DIY-ers and even well-established kombucha brewers. 


I kept on brewing and finally, my dream became reality.  After many failed attempts, a new future opened before me with an electrifying “POP!” as I twisted off the cap of my first fizzy kombucha home brew.  With my first sip, the lip-smacking satisfaction reminded me of the first time I’d had soda as a kid.  Soda pop from nature? This is how I love to get lifted!  It’s not too sweet and the flavors are big.

 This is my testament to what's possible when DIY goes pro.

I’m proud to offer you a beverage that is delicious, simple, and audaciously impactful on your vitality.

SQUIRREL POP is fizz, flavor, and love in a bottle; it's kombucha for the Squirrels!
- Spencer de la Squirrel